I’m a 40 something? When did that happen?

new-york-city-skyline-view-14254820532izWell here we are, it’s 2016 and I suddenly need glasses to read.  What is happening to me? I’m not old, I can’t be.  Surely I don’t look 40 something?  I can’t be the only person who feels this way.

I was starting to feel old so I changed up my diet with a nutritional cleanse, which has been awesome.   I have a few old injuries that are problematic as well as a few health issues.  Under active thyroid issues run in my family, which makes things hard.  These are all my excuses.

I decided that just because i’d turned 40 I didn’t have to allow that to define who I was and how I looked.  I wanted that feeling where not only did I feel good but that people looked at me and said I looked good, not for my age, but at any age.  That saying “oh you look so good … for your age” it’s almost a backhanded compliment.  I decided that wasn’t going to be me.  This is the year that I change that, this is the year.  Now i’m on a mission to have the best body of my life.

At first I changed up my diet and added running and power plate workouts at home.  I felt I could do more so added hot yoga and now reformer Pilates.  I try to be active every day.  It’s hard with a family to find time but that’s another excuse that i’m not going to let get in the way.

I would love you to follow me along my journey and help hold me accountable.  Tell me about your goals and help inspire and support each other.

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