The Quest for the Perfect Body

I’ve always been in reasonably good shape.  As you get older it does become harder to maintain your health goals especially when they centre around looking the way you think you should look based on how you feel inside.  I don’t feel old so why do I have to look “old”?

I decided a few months ago I wanted to get in amazing shape.  The best i’ve ever been.  I was sick of hearing “oh you’ve got a great body … for your age”.  What does that mean?  If I was younger you would be telling me I needed to lose some weight?  Do people listen to themselves when they speak?

So I started and I was doing well.  Following a nutrition system.  Exercise every day.  I started hot yoga, which is freakin amazeballs.  I then went away for work.  I came back and went away again.  I was struggling to fit in daily workouts.  A kilo or two were sneaking in but overall I still looked good.  I started a very dangerous game of justification.  Justification is great, oh yes another glass of wine would be great, I still look pretty good.  Maybe I DON’T need to lose those last 5 kgs.  Of course I didn’t need to lose them but if I don’t what was the point of setting the goal in the first place?  I started to let myself down.

After seeing some disturbing unflattering photos last weekend, I realised I was fooling myself.  I needed to buckle down and really put some effort into this.  There is ALWAYS an excuse to put it off.  I have surgery scheduled for next week, I have to take at least 10 days off yoga.  I have Christmas parties to attend over the next 6 weeks.  There is always going to be an excuse.  I can’t let that dictate my life and how I meet my goals.  If I do I will NEVER get there.  

On Monday I started a new 30 day body challenge.  Today is day 5.  There is no wine tonight, which makes me a little sad.  I’m going to suck it up and get over myself.  

Wish me luck 


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