Saturday Musings

I got up this morning after a pretty early Friday night.  Yes i’m getting old, I said it.  There is no wine at the moment and whilst i’m ok with it, I feel like I miss it.  Like an old friend … who tastes good.

A quick cappuccino whilst sitting outside by the pool to relax and start the morning.   

When I hear the family starting to get up it’s time to head off to morning yoga.  I love the bits out of my yoga class.  It’s my place.  I can be me.  No one judges me, no one is asking me to anything I don’t want it and it’s peaceful even though I always ask for music.  It’s pretty hot here are the moment so my hot yoga class feels much toastier and sweaty than 38 degrees.   You know it’s hot when sweat is poring from you onto the mat in front of you.

I feel a bit Kardashian today, all bottom with a small waist.  After class I decide it’s spray tan time and use my yearly pass (money well spent) to head in Sun Kissed Tan.  As usual they fit me in, they are amazing.

Now it’s time for the rest of the day.  Saturdays are always easier when you start them well.

Happy Saturday!!!

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