Why do we fear getting old?

I question the fear of getting old every day.  It’s hard to feel fabulous if you are unhappy with the way you look.  When you see wrinkles you feel as though all the hard work you put in else where isn’t paying off.  I know people say “oh you should age gracefully”.  But what exactly is “graceful”?  Does it mean looking after your skin?  Eating well?  What about anti-aging injections?  Or peels? Maybe laser?  Is a face lift considered graceful?  All these things when done well can add to a person’s appearance.  If not, it takes away.

I know that I want to look good and think that when the time comes I will consider plastic surgery.  I hope by picking the “right” doctor I can avoid bad plastic surgery.  I know this isn’t some people’s idea of graceful or natural but it’s mine.

What are your thoughts?  What’s graceful?  When do give nature a helping hand?

#aging #gracefully #plasticsurgery #botox #skincare #stoptime #fantasticplastic #naturalbeauty


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