What About the Cougar?

Over the last few weeks i’ve been growing my social media presence.  How else do you get someone to read the things you write if they don’t know you’re there?  I started getting attention from younger males.  Ok that comes with the territory.  I’m a big girl I can handle it.  Just because someone pays you attention doesn’t mean you need to say yes.  This got me to thinking about the phenomen that is the cougar/cub relationship.  So I started researching it.

Me in my “cougar” glory

As part of my research I started to respond to the messages I was receiving.  What amazed me the most was the attitude I was meant to be grateful or had very little say in whether I wanted to say yes to the relationship.  I’m sorry what?  I’m supposed to say yes because you paid attention to me? WOW!!   What has happened to this generation of young 20 something men that believe women should say yes?  Where did this sense of entitlement come from?  I mean again WOW!!

I politely let each young man down.  I’m sorry but i’m not interested.  I tried i’m sorry but i’m not the girl for you.  I tried you are too young.  The answer I got consistently, that’s ok I DON’T MIND that you’re older, I like older women.  You don’t mind? Ok great but WHAT ABOUT ME?  Maybe I mind?  One charmer told me that he wanted to get to know me and therefore I should get to know him, but i’m not interested?  His answer?  But I like you and I want to get to know you.  This went on for two weeks.  At this point in time you are most likely wondering why I didn’t just block them.  Ah these technically savvy youngsters were not letting that deter them, they were creating new accounts.  

Do younger women suffer from this?  Is it just us “older” chicks?  Is there a sense on entitlement to a woman regardless of their age?  I’d been interested in hearing from you all to find out your experiences?  If you’re a cougar, cub or just a 20 something shoot me a message, comment or DM.  I want to know how you handle it and whether you get that same persistent attention.  After reading a number of troubling articles this year, like the Brock Turner incident, it’s becoming important to me find out more.  And as for my young cubs, stay tuned i’ll tell you more next time!!!!!

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