The Joys of Dating – aka dating Fuckboys

I thought I would write a post of the joys of dating over 40 but then I realised a lot of the issues I see happen to women of all ages. I think this is why so many people settle in their relationships. Dating is HARD work!


Personally I would rather be single for the rest of my life then be in a bad relationship. I’m not going to settle, after the hell which is my last relationship, I don’t see why I would or should.

I’ve met many different types of men in the last few months. Some are sweet, some are way too keen and others, well others are what are known as fuckboys or players. If you google fuckboy you will see post after post on why they need to be stopped. If you don’t know what a fuckboy is, here’s a hilarious overview:

27 Hilarious Ways To Explain Exactly What A ‘Fuckboy’ Is

Fuckboys give a bad name to all other men. They didn’t give themselves this nickname and everyone seems to think it’s an appropriate name and use it freely. My question is do these guys know they are fuckboys? Have they signed up to be dicks? I’ve dated fuckboys in my dim dark past, they weren’t called that then they were just arses. I did not expect to run into them again at my age. I honestly don’t get it, you’re over 30 aren’t you too old for this?


I dated a fuckboy, amazing guy a bit full on at the start used emotional language early. It did freak me out but then he would forget to message for days on end. What kind of fresh hell is this? This was the first guy I dated after my marriage split and he will always be special to me. He helped me to get over myself and realise what I want. I still adore him and I will always think he is an amazing person. I’m obviously crazy that way I just can’t be bothered to be angry with someone. I just deserve more oh and to see and spend time with person i’m dating.


Since then I have dated a number of guys. I’m really not sure what it is. Not everyone you date is going to be right for you and that’s ok. I mean i’m clearly not everyone, for starters I have lost my mind and i’m way too independent and opinionated for most of the male population. I get that, it’s ok princess you can tell me, you’re not going to ruin my life. You won’t find me crying into my cocktail. You may find me using my swiping finger though. In reverse if I decide you’re not right for me, don’t argue with me and tell me why i’m “wrong’ or that i’m a bitch or that I need to get over myself and clearly my favourite that I will be single FOREVER. I don’t actually consider that a bad thing, so nice work on the insults my friend.


If you date someone and decide it’s not working, whatever happened to telling them? I mean i’m a big girl I can take it. Yet I see post after post lamenting the fact that some fuckboy has forgotten to tell the girl he was dating that they’re not dating. Guys not telling someone you’re not into them is weak. Usually it means you either lack balls or you want to keep the girl in reserve in case everyone else doesn’t work out. Or the old booty call, you’re keeping a girl in reserve just in case you cannot find anyone else. That makes you a fuckboy and no that’s not a good thing.


I recently matched with a guy and I decided he wasn’t for me. I introduced him to a friend of mine. This guy talked a good game. He spoke about what a “man” he was and how he liked to look after his lady. Turns out, after a bit of detective work this guy is still married. He planned on telling my friend on their first date. Dude seriously? On your first date you planned on telling someone you’re still married? and that’s ok because you’re wife knows you’re looking. Such a romantic, some guys just give an STD but not this guy, he comes with some baggage, did he plan for them all to live in the same house? Clearly I need to know what this guy is on so I too can join the world of the oblivious.

I have to say I do admire the honest fuckboys. The ones who are blatantly out for a fuck and walk away. I have so many offers of “friends with benefits” I could literally not meet another guy and still have enough lined up for the rest of my life. Whilst researching fuckboys for this post I got this suggested search “how to make a player fall in love with you”. No honey, you don’t. Put him back where you found him and back away slowly.


Now here is where it gets interesting. Listening to music, i’m a big R&B fan from the 90’s, and these guys are APOLOGISING to their women for being arseholes and thanking them for putting up with their shit. Are you kidding me? Has it become so normal to not answer your texts and stand up girls that you can record a song about it and now we women just go oh ok, well as long as you feel bad and sing about it. Did I miss something?

So you have guys complaining there are no decent girls out there and you have the fuckboys who are literally ruining all the decent girls. Great work guys, maybe you can have a meeting and decide to all be decent human beings?


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