I recently met a man. When I looked at him for the first time I knew i’d met someone special. It felt like we had known each other for years. This man makes me feel like i’m a teenager all over again. We talked for hours and it felt like minutes. It made me think about the concept of soulmates. What exactly is a soulmate? Is it a romantic partner? a friend? is it your soul recognizing another soul? This is all dependent on your view of a soulmate.


What exactly is a soulmate. Researching the concept it seems a soulmate is someone who completes you. Usually soulmate connections are intense and person should make you feel safe and secure and loved. Soulmates are meant to complete us in some way and make the parts that are incomplete feel complete. These are great things. But that brings up the question how do you recognise when you’ve met a soulmate?


Do you look across the room and see someone and just know? Apparently yes. If you’ve made a few mistakes in love, as I have, sometimes you can doubt yourself. I mean I am 40 something and have come out of a fairly intense relationship that I thought I would be for the rest of my life, so I can be forgiven for feeling this way.

Usually soulmates will have shared history or background, which means you can both have a traumatic childhood, or lived in the similar foreign countries. There is no jealousy in a soulmate connection. Soulmates respect each others differences. There is a feeling of completing each other in a soulmate connection. You will feel comfortable like you’ve known this person for years.


If you met your soulmate in a potential partner does this mean you are destined to be together? The answer can be no but that is dependent on you view of a soulmate purpose. Can you met people who can touch our soul and teach us a lesson but then leave? The idea seems somewhat cruel and a bit twisted. Like the universe is saying here this person is perfect for you but, no you can’t have them. That you can feel so intensely for someone so quickly, like you’ve known each other for years but that your journey stops and you get a lesson instead? Thanks universe nice joke.


The question I have to ask myself now is this man my soulmate? Can i trust my instincts? Is he here to teach me a lesson to take into the future or is he my future? I guess time will tell but it’s the journey that makes life not the destination. Dating and 40 is both awesome and bizarre.



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