The 20 Something Guy

I have to ask a question, what is with 20 something guys? There has been a change since I was last single 10 years ago. I want to know what’s with the cougar chasing. Why is it now a thing? Did they all get together and vote? Or do they just think it’s a thing that they need to tick off their sexual conquest list? Has it because accepted in society and seen as the “cool” thing to do?


I see references to sex crazy cougars, there are memes by the dozen. The question is where do they come from? Are they real? or are they just wishful thinking? I have seen photos sent to me by 20 something guys of older women who send them some pretty graphic and over the top photos. Are these the exception or the rule?

To me it feels like 20 something guys don’t seem to take no for answer. It’s like they cannot comprehend the word no and why someone my age would turn them down and not be more grateful for the attention. My favourite part is they don’t seem to understand that 40 something woman aren’t all focused on sex. To me sex is something I want to share with someone special not half the world.


I can almost predict how conversations will go. They will add me on various social media platforms. Next the DM:

20 Something guy: hi
Me: Hi
20 Something guy: are you single?
Me: Somewhat
20 Something guy: Do you like younger guys
Thinks to self 
Me: Not really

I also love the derogatory comments that begin with the words i’m not interested. Saying not to sexting is even worse.

I don’t understand the emphasis on sexting. Research indicates that 20 somethings are having less sex than our generation. It seems like they are all happy to sit in the comfort of their own homes touching themselves and sending photos of their bits. I’ve been called boring, sexless and a prude however i’m somewhat partial to stuck up. I’m sorry when did not wanting naked photos of you to be sent to strangers on the Internet make you a prude or that there is something wrong with you? It’s like hey not being slutty makes you a bad person.


There is also a tendency for the same guys to reach out over and over again. As though if enough time has gone by, I may have changed my mind and suddenly i’ll be ready. I have asked why, because I like to know how people work, they don’t think i’m serious. They think they will wear me down with time. They won’t but I can’t work out why they want to, surely there are other more willing targets out there?

I want to point out that I did not RSVP to this party. I’m not a cougar. It’s not my thing. I’m just girl looking for a boy to fall in love with and live happily ever after.

I’m pretty straight forward and direct. I’m not against dating a 20 something but I am against dating immature men. The two seem related, so it’s unlikely i’ll ever date anyone in their twenties. I may get a surprise one day, who knows?



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