Divorce at 40

Do you ever move on from someone you loved enough to marry? This last weekend was my wedding anniversary. Although I left the relationship I don’t think these things are any easier regardless of who ended the relationship. Very few people actually enter a marriage thinking it will end. It’s meant to be for life. These days so many things to affect relationships.


My wedding anniversary was tough. It reminds you of all the good times and how happy you once were. The love is still there. The will to bend and contort myself into his version of a relationship is not. At the end of the day other people’s mental health should not come at the expense of mine.


I decided it was a good opportunity to re-frame and redirect the day into a more positive message. I got a tattoo that i’ve wanted for some time was told I could not have. Each time I look at it, i’m reminded that I am all of those things. I know it’s weird but I somehow feel stronger and more capable when I look at it.




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