Soulmates, take two

The other week I wrote about a man I met the instant connection we shared. It felt so sudden like i’d known him for many years. That’s when I started to wonder how these connections form and I asked the question, what is a soulmate? I believe I have my answer. A soulmate is someone that comes into your life and teaches you a lesson. What I got from my connection with this man was I needed to write more because i’m passionate about expressing myself this way but I just wasn’t. I’ve now found my voice again and my desire to speak to all of you.


Since then i’ve met someone else who has touched me and i’ve connected with on a certain level. I’m wondering what this man is going to teach me. The power of love and connection? That I shouldn’t trust everyone I met? That there a certain levels of soul connections? Some times I wonder if it’s all just bullshit.

It’s also shown me that for many years I was missing the connection with another human being and the intimacy that comes with that connection. I’m now craving it and perhaps that means i’m not making great choices.

Do men realise when they push for intimacy and connection and then pull away they are not creating anything? I’ll admit I have my guard up but it’s for a reason and it’s not because i’m not ready for a relationship. It’s because men keep pushing for intimacy before THEY are ready for it. It’s uncool guys, could you all stop it?

I find that guys more than girls start fantasizing about the future and how amazing a relationship is going to be before there has even been time to decide if there should be a relationship. That’s also uncool. Could you stop that too?

Yes No Maybe

I really think once you get past a certain age you know if someone could work. I also think it’s important not to play games. Do you met a girl and decide that she could be the “one” and then freak out that it is so intense? I really cannot work it out. So does this mean I bow out of dating and just concentrate on writing? Or do I keep letting people in, in the hopes one of them is my “one”? I know i’m not going to change me because I like me. Something to ponder I guess.


So now i’m keen to hear from all of you. What are your dating experiences like? Shoot me and email or comment below. I’d love to hear how you are navigating this tricky mine field.



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