Is Romance Dead?

Let’s talk about romance.

Romance is dead 5

What has happened in modern relationships where is feels like romance just does not exist? Romance in dating is completely dead. When was the last time a date showed up with flowers or chocolate? What happens when a date does try to be romantic?

I recently dated a man and when he made over the top romantic gestures I found myself questioning his motives. Why was he behaving this way? What did he want from me? Was he just trying to get sex? Trick me into a relationship? What the hell? Where did this come from.

Romance is dead 3

My research for this blog found most women are suspicious of men who try to be romantic too early in the dating cycle. Most of the women I spoke to found it suspicious when men tried romance. They wanted to know what they wanted and whether they were being genuine. Men who behave like the stereotype of romance bring out our inner cynic. They come across like a player.

The question is, is it justified? In my latest experience, yes it really was. Romance these days seem to be hey babe here’s a picture of my dick. I don’t know about you but that doesn’t really come close to impressing me. There is also the feeling like they must be trying these moves on with all women they date. It’s just too much.

Romance is dead 6

How soon into the relationship is it ok to start with the romance? I guess that would depend on how you define the relationship. Basically when you decide to be exclusive with each other the romantic gestures can commence. My advice to guys? Start small and work your way up. I don’t think we should settle for romance-less relationships. We deserve to be treated so much better. Personally I would rather be single than settle for less than what I deserve.

Romance is dead 7


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