Why do we rush relationships?

This is a question that has been on my mind recently. Why do we rush relationships? Push them and move them before we’re ready? Why aren’t we slowing down and enjoying the journey? The taste, feel and excitement of someone new.

Romance is dead 5

I think we can know fairly quickly if someone has the potential to be in our lives. Then we put pressure on the relationship. We push for it to move to where we think it should be. It’s too much. The relationship then starts to show cracks from the pressure that we place on it.

I’ve noticed recently that the men that i’ve dated want to rush into the relationship. They start talking about our lives together and how we can be together. Whilst I can appreciate that, I think that’s when they start to behave differently. They’ve tried so hard to make it into something, they’ve sucked the fun out of it.

Once I decide to be in a relationship, i’m in 100%. I will give it my all, my whole heart. I will move mountains and sacrifice the world. I want someone in my life who will do the same. They can give me their whole heart and in return I will give them my mine. But this takes time.


It’s not just that, what about the experience of the journey? Can we live in the now? and not live in the future? Is today so bad that we can only think about tomorrow? I know what I want and I know how I want someone to make me feel. I want to savior that feeling and look forward to every date, every kiss. You know the experience of Netflix and chill before getting into the every day life of work and all the other things that bring relationships into the mundane and predictable?

What’s so wrong with living in the now?



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  1. I think that some people rush relationships because some of us struggle to be patient with ourselves and the entire process. But that’s just my two cents.


    1. surfbunny says:

      I agree completely


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